The Monarch Walk

Putting the “FUN” into FUNdraising!

Back to the basics:

E-mail works! Send an e-mail to 25 of your closest friends and family, suggesting a $50 donation.  Even if only half of them donate, you’ve raised $600! (This packet includes a sample solicitation e-mail)

Use social media in the weeks leading up to The Monarch Walk, post regularly about your fundraising efforts (what your goal is, and what you’ve raised so far) and request that people help you achieve your goal. Event hashtag: #walkthiswayRGA

Do you work for a company that participates in a matching gift program? Ask them to match what you raise for The Monarch Walk!

Some creative, as well as tried-and-true fundraising ideas…

  • Coffee run: Offer to pick up coffee for your office or department and charge a “delivery” fee to be donated to your team.
  • Per-lap pledge: On the day of The Walk, plan on walking on the track inside of the stadium.  Pledge to walk a certain number of laps (i.e. 10 laps) and have supporters pledge to support you at $10 per lap.
  • Share your talent: What are you talented at or enjoy doing? Is it a service you can provide for a donation? For instance, if you love photography, offer a mini-photo shoot for a $50 donation to your team.
  • Be the host(ess) with the most(ess): Hold a block party, movie night, or themed party (like a Mexican fiesta) and charge for admission.
  • Home brew: Skip the latte once or twice a week and put that $6 towards your team.  If you do that for six weeks, you’ll have raised nearly $40!
  • Friendly Competition: Have a friendly competition within your team: Whoever raises the most money wins a prize.
  • Sales(wo)man: Have a bake sale, garage sale, car wash, open a lemonade or hot chocolate stand, etc.  
  • Raffle: Have a raffle – charge for the tickets
  • Dinner party: Host a dinner party and charge per plate
  • Tourney: Hold a bags (or other activity) tournament, charge to enter
  • Clown Nose: Find an embarrassing object (huge hat, clown nose, new toilet seat).  Someone must wear or otherwise hold onto this object until they can fundraise $25 to donate to you/your team, then they can pass it along to someone else.  Keep going!
  • Change jar: Put a change jar in your home that everyone contributes to – donate the change